Abandoned supercars


The mania for treasure hunters of VINCENZO BORGOMEO

No mercy, no respect for the coat of arms (and not for their value) many supercars are left to fend for themselves and left to rot for years in the garage or cellar. The world is full of these cases – which many collectors hunt – and there are some really dramatic, involving a Bugatti, Porsche or even Ferrari. The most famous of all is of course buried in Plymouth in 1957 and later unearthed in 2007, but it must be said that many of these cars have belonged to the sultans who as usual have bought for years more cars of the same model, a bit ‘to get to provide various colors and interiors, but especially to cannibalize spare parts needed by the models of stock.

The most spectacular was certainly one of His Majesty Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah, better known as the Sultan of Brunei in a statelet big as Liguria and with 300 thousand inhabitants in 1778 had a palace rooms (the biggest of world of course) and especially a crazy garage full of rare unique pieces made especially for the Sultan by Pininfarina, Rolls Royce, dall’Aston Martin and other renowned brands. Rolls of sun Bolkiah had more than 500 (a converted carriage eighteenth-century gold-plated and with a huge roof-mounted throne, flanked by characteristic waves, also gold) and Aston Martin 300 more.

The point is that the severe Asian crisis has prompted Sultan Brunej and many of his colleagues to seek a less expensive way of life, much of the mechanical-wash have been sent home, many supercars orders were canceled, while ignoring damage that may be caused by moisture and by not ever move the machines, some of the huge garage were sealed. And machines worth several million euros have been left to rot indefinitely as old shoes.

But there are only the oil companies to leave Ferrari and Rolls: The world is full of great value cars left to rot a bit ‘everywhere. Here, in our selection, the best of these abandoned supercars in unexpected places.


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