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It can happen to a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 1958 to finish against the barriers. Let’s say, happens also to modern supercar, and nothing strange, if not for the care that the owners reserve the model, in the head with dreams of collectors for its beauty, history and rarity. Advertisements

From 4.6 liter powerplant. Single-clutch transmission, with 7 reports. Futura convertibles equipped with hard-top piece. For cars, the new Ferrari F430 (project code F142, Debut at Frankfurt) will have these features. And a conservative design, to develop the current stylistic elements: the time of the renovations will coincide with the use of turbocharging.

Ferrari 430 GT, the last two years had massive success in the GT2-racing in Europe and the United States and at Le Mans is 430’eren favorite to win the GT2 class late. The Danish rules ning husband and racerkører Lars Erik Nielsen (57) and his German team Farnbacher Racing make this year into a 430 […]